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Bankruptcy Process | A Road Map to Debt Freedom

Bankruptcy Process Few things are as much of a mystery as the bankruptcy process. As an attorney who has successfully performed thousands of bankruptcies, I lay out the process as simply as possible. The Chapter 7 process is a template on which the Chapter 13 process sits. This is grossly over-simplified, but at least can...
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Avoid Bankruptcy | 6 Key Bankruptcy Alternatives

Avoid Bankruptcy | 6 Key Bankruptcy Alternatives I’m a bankruptcy attorney. I see people in all kinds of financial distress. Emergency room doctors can tell people how to avoid getting hurt. And a consumer finance attorney can tell you how best to avoid bankruptcy. Bankruptcy should be a last resort. Nobody wants to file bankruptcy....
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Reaffirm Debt | The Reaffirmation Process

Reaffirmation Process | What is it to Reaffirm Debt In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you’re trying to get a fresh start. A big part of that fresh start is to eliminate debt, or discharge it. The reaffirmation process is where you say, no, I’d rather reaffirm debt in Chapter 7 and keep it. Most times you...
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