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California Bankruptcy Exemptions | Can I Keep In Chapter 7

California Bankruptcy Exemptions: What Can I Keep in Chapter 7 People really do lose things in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. No, really. Just because your cousin’s mailman filed Chapter 7 and kept their 17 houses and baseball card collection, that doesn’t mean you’ll keep your car. Each state has rules about what you can keep in...
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Means Test for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy | Qualifying

Means Test for Chapter 7 bankruptcy What is the bankruptcy means test? The bankruptcy means test is a document about 2-15 pages. It’s a long form that is the gatekeeper to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It looks at two things. Firstly, do you earn less than the magic number. Secondly, if you earn more than this...
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy | Fresh Start

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy What is Chapter 7 There are two types of bankruptcies that that people like you and me can do. The more common of the two is Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  This is the kind of consumer bankruptcy intended for lower-income people. But if you qualify, you don’t repay your debt. But beware: you...
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