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road map for bankruptcy process

Bankruptcy Process | A Road Map

Bankruptcy Process: road map to debt freedom

Few things are as much of a mystery as the bankruptcy process. As an attorney who has successfully performed thousands of bankruptcies, I lay out the process as simply as possible. The Chapter 7 process is a template on which the Chapter 13 process sits. This is grossly over-simplified, but at least can provide a road map to where we’re headed.

Chapter 7 Process


First, you contact us and we meet. We discuss your goals and priorities. I explain your options, pros and cons of each, and explain bankruptcy You leave with peace of mind. Sleep on it. Then return and retain our services.

Data Entry

We prepare the bankruptcy petition, schedules, Statement of Affairs, and local forms for you. This is a very time-consuming process, and we'll need pay stubs for six months, credit report, tax returns, and other documents.

Signing Meeting

We'll then meet again, and sign the documents together under oath, spending a good 30-60 minutes together going over every page in detail.

Petition Filed

We then file the bankruptcy petition with the court. At this point, you are legally protected from your creditors, and it's against federal law for them to do anything to collect a debt. This includes even sending you a statement for your car or mortgage payment.

341a Meeting of Creditors

About a month later, you attend the 341a Meeting of Creditors, where you testify under oath. Typically, I'm there with you personally (the competition doesn't do that), the third time we're meeting. Bring your Social Security card. A bankruptcy trustee will question you under oath about your papers.

Chapter 13 Process

For Chapter 13, there are some additional steps.

  • Satisfy the trustee’s to-do list
  • Confirmation Hearing
  • (60 months without anything changing or going wrong)

This last point is in parenthesis but probably the most important of all. You can count on life changes over the course of five years. It’s impossible to predict what events will occur that will require further action to get you to the finish line, but this is where Chapter 13 success and experience is key to keeping things on track to get that discharge.


Months later, the court sends a piece of paper called "Order of Discharge." With the bankruptcy discharge, all debts that qualify are no longer your obligation. The bankruptcy is now complete.

Summing Up

It’s as easy as that, and as complicated as that. Whether it’s qualifying for Chapter 7 or arranging a Chapter 13, don’t leave your future to chance.

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