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Median Income Upped

2023 Median Income Limits: Powerful Increase

2023 Median Income Limits for Bankruptcy Means Test

The 2023 median income numbers effective in spring 2023 will be the first median income limits for 2023. Depending on household size, it will again get to easier to qualify for Chapter 7, because of a means test adjustment. The means test for bankruptcy decides who qualifies for Chapter 7 bankruptcy eligibility.

Inflation update: while prices are higher and the student loan pause and other moratoriums are ending, it’s possible the 2024 California median income may go down, so don’t delay.

Step one of this process is comparing your household income against the income limits set by the DOJ to see if you earn less than California median income limits. So, someone may not qualify according to the means test in one month but after the changes they do, or vice-verse. The new numbers took effect in Spring 2023, but are temporary, and depending on inflation, interest rates, and a recession, the numbers may decrease.

Means Test: 2023 Median Income Adjustments updated in November

It's easier to limbo under the median income limits when they raise the bar.

Every now and then, the government updates these numbers. They did it again in May 2023. Good news: the California 2023 figures are now higher, increasing household income for bankruptcy means test qualifying. This means that more people could qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy using the 2023 median income numbers.

2023 Median Income for California Households

Because the income levels of Californians change maybe once or twice a year, these recent changes in May 2023 will be the first numbers used for 2023. You’ll see below there’s talk about household size.

It isn’t always clear who counts in a household. There may be a difference if you have a roommate who pays rent. What if you’re married? Or have kids but they’re adults. Do you live with your significant other, who has their own finances? They’re all in your household. Or, maybe they’re not.

Call and let’s meet to talk about it. But below are the California median income limits for the various household sizes.

California household size and California median income for Bankruptcy
  • 1-person household: $75,235
  • 2-person household: $93,175
  • 3-person household: $104,785
  • 4-person household: $122,707
  • Each additional person: $9,900

First, this is not rigid. Just because someone earns less than the 2023 median income, it’s not certain they qualify for Chapter 7. Also, if someone earns over the California numbers for their household size, it doesn’t mean they’re ineligible. This is just the starting point on a very long form. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can help someone who is over the median complete the bankruptcy means test and still file Chapter 7 in many situations.

Even if your household income is over the 2023 income limits, there's still hope. Bankruptcy attorney Hale Antico has helped many people who earn more than the median figures still file Chapter 7.

Don’t fret if your income doesn’t make the cut; there’s still an option. Pay back a portion of your debt while freezing interest from accruing. Also, you get peace of mind by preventing lawsuits and wage garnishment. This is better than debt consolidation, and is called Chapter 13. And yes, it’s even better than paying minimums, since by just paying minimums you’ll never get out of debt.

Finally, bookmark this page and return often. While these numbers took effect in May 2023 they will change again, especially with inflation making economy’s status uncertain. There’s a chance the California median income numbers will change before December 2023.

So, you may not want to wait to file a bankruptcy. Or maybe you do. Strategy is a big part of what I do. Let’s figure out your best option.

If you found this helpful, contact me and let’s arrange a consultation in person or video if you’re anywhere in Los Angeles County. I specialize in fresh starts, with compassion.

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