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Thank you!

Thank You

It appears as though your payment was processed successfully. Thanks for allowing our award-winning service and expertise to help you get a new beginning.

What happens next: you’ll get a receipt from Paypal and we’ll send you an email acknowledging the payment in the next 24 hours.

After that, depending on what portion of your balance was paid, we’ll work on your file, and send you a status letter. This will request documents and information which is needed to complete your bankruptcy petition. Remember, all documents you send in should be in PDF format (there are free PDF scanning apps for iPhone and Android).

If you paid your (upfront) balance in full, we will select a date to sign your completed bankruptcy petition and schedules about 30 days out (it takes time to put this together properly and for you to get/find the things we’ll need). Before the signing appointment, you also have to do the pre-filing credit counseling course which we will set you up with.

We’ll explain as we go. You’re in good hands!

Thank you for allowing us to help you get a fresh start.