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If you haven’t already done it, you may want to send the Quick Contact Form and return to this. That way, at least we’ll know that you’re interested in our help! When you complete this and then hire us, you’ll save big bucks off your fee.

By entering your Social Security Number below, you will start a questionnaire process that will enable an Antelope Valley bankruptcy attorney to evaluate your case before the consultation. This lets us get started quicker and file bankruptcy fast.

  • You do not need to provide your creditor or collector addresses, though it is helpful if you have them. Account numbers are helpful.
  • Please provide estimates about what you (and your spouse, if applicable) earned this year, last year and the year before in gross income. Your tax return and pay stubs (YTD) would have this info.
  • How far do you have to go back in the “Financial Affairs” section? Really, we just need one year back, so answer most questions with that in mind unless it says otherwise.
    • Prior addresses needs to be three years back.
    • Payments to creditors: list all companies that have gotten over $600 from you in the last 90 days, total

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