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Hale Antico Reviews

Hale Antico Reviews

We are the rare law firm that strives to achieve customer excellence. Satisfied clients still send us “Thank you” cards, and one nice couple recently brought us homemade cookies.  But these days, online reviews count, and we’ve been blessed to have some glowing testimonials. So, since I’m Hale Antico, here are Hale Antico reviews for you to review.

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Hale Antico Reviews

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Meet Tia Torres, Expert in Second Chances

She saves pit bulls, we saved her.

I save pitbulls and parolees, and Hale Antico saved me. You guys are my favorite law office and that means a lot coming from me. As a person who has 4 criminal attorneys, 1 real estate attorney and 1 entertainment attorney in her life on a constant basis, you guys are the coolest by far! I admit that I am a difficult person to deal with and my situation is a very complicated one. Attorney Antico’s office saved my backside, saved me and gave me peace of mind and hope that I could pick up the pieces of my life again. I am serious when I say, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I hadn’t found your office.

Tia Torres, Reality TV Star

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Morris L. 2 days ago
Mr. Antico was like Superman for me! The Price for the Service Mr. Antico provided was EXCELLENT! No complaints! I SAVED a SIGNIFICANT amount of money...
Morris Lee X 2 days ago
Mr. Antico was like Superman for me!The Price for the Service Mr. Antico provided was EXCELLENT! No complaints! I SAVED a SIGNIFICANT amount of money compared to several other attorneys in the area. Sure, everyone's financial affairs are different, some people have more assets than others, but I think that I was treated more than fair for all of the work that Mr. Antico performed. With his help (and Call-Blocking from Spectrum Telephone) the BK Process went smooth and trouble free. I strongly recommend Mr. Antico to be YOUR BK Attorney! Thank you Sir!After our first meeting I realized that I should wait a couple of months before filing my BK because I had received a SMALL (three zero's) insurance settlement within the past year and had given half to my brother to pay an earlier debt. Mr. Antico explained that the Court could go after the money I had given to my brother and order HIM to pay it back to satisfy the Creditors... and if you know my brother... well, that would be a drama worthy of a Shakespearean tale! To keep things simple I just waited until the year had passed and then he filed the bk and it went through with NO problems.Here's another helpful tidbit of info... Mr. Antico's name starts with the letter "A", which means when you go to the BK Court in downtown L.A. (watch out for the human mud on the sidewalks down there - I had to dodge THREE piles in a two block walk!) your wait time to see the Judge is non-existent, as they always start with the "A" Attorneys. I feel sorry for the clients that have to wait for the F to Z last names.Go with the Best in the Antelope Valley - Go with Mr. Antico!
Seneca S. 1 month ago
Mr. Antico represented me in my recent Chapter 7 filing. He is a fantastic attorney. He is very experienced and well versed in his field. He is friendly...
George A. 2 months ago
I'd like to start by thanking Mr. Antico for taking my case and helping us save our home. He worked a miracle in my case and we are truly thankful for all...
Sarah Sparkles 2 months ago
Mr Antico is very helpful and easy to talk with. He makes the process simple to understand. As well he is friendly and caring.
Douglas G. 6 months ago
Great experience, he walked me through the process very professional and everything was very smooth, one thing I really liked if that he was there at...
Wendy Martinez 1 year ago
Mr.Antico was really great and not only was the service great but he really made things go as smoothly as possible he treated us like family
Nichole Clem 1 year ago
Aron G. 1 year ago
Absolutely would recommend Mr. Antico! He made me feel comfortable through the whole process and would always explain everything throughly and accurately to...


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